Our general philosophy is complete transparency and control of any data leaving your machine. None of your commands, output, or keystrokes are sent to our servers by default. Should you choose to use block-sharing, we do store the input and output encrypted on our servers. Otherwise, all of our other features are client-side only - no data is being uploaded in the background (except for in our beta, see below).
As part of our closed beta, we need to send a few pieces of information to our server to make our product better. This specifically and only includes:
    Login: this gives us access to the email associated with your Github account. We use this for telemetry so that we can reach out and get feedback when something goes wrong.
    Crash reports and telemetry: to improve the quality of our app, we collect crash reports using Sentry and aggregate data on which features are being used, using Segment. We do not store any data from the command input or output itself as part of our telemetry. Examples of telemetry are: "user created a block", "user generated a block sharing link".
We remind you of our privacy policy in the same email where we send you our beta app - you can opt out of using the beta if you aren’t comfortable with the information we collect.
When we do an open launch, crash-reporting and telemetry will be opt-in like the rest of our cloud features. Users will not be required to log in to gain access to Warp.
For more information, read our full privacy policy here.
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