Modern Text Editing

What is it

Unlike other terminals, Warp’s input editor operates out-of-the-box like a modern IDE and the text editors we’re used to.
Text Editor Input also works for SSH sessions.

Soft Wrapping

Warp supports soft wrapping in the input editor. If there is an auto suggestion that goes off-screen, the input editor will be horizontally scrollable to make it visible. Note:" Some operations treat soft wrapped lines like a logical line (TRIPLE-CLICK, OPTION-LEFT / OPTION-RIGHT) while other operations treat soft wrapped lines like visible different lines (UP / DOWN, SHIFT-UP / SHIFT-DOWN).

Copy on Select

Warp supports copy on select in the Input editor or with any other selectable text in Blocks. Note: This feature has a known issue working within alt-screens like vim, less, k9s, etc.
  • Enable this feature in Settings > Features > General or search for "copy on select" in the Command Palette CMD-P.

Input Hints

Warps input will occasionally show hints within the input editor in light grey text that help users learn about features that are available. For example "Type # for AI command suggestions". It's enabled by default.
  • Disable "Show Input hint text" in Settings > Features > Editor or search for "input hint text" in the Command Palette CMD-P or Right-click on the input editor.

How to use it

Keyboard binding
Shortcut description
Closes the input suggestions or history menu
Clears the terminal
Clear the entire editor buffer
ctrl-u cmd-shift-K
Clear the current line
cmd-c ctrl-y, cmd-x, cmd-v
Copy, cut, paste
ctrl-w / option-d
Cut the word to the left / right of the cursor
option-backspace / option-d
Delete the word to the left / right of the cursor
ctrl-k cmd-delete
Delete everything to the right of the cursor
option-left / option-right
Move to the beginning of the previous / next word
ctrl-opt-left / ctrl-opt-right
Move backward / forward by one subword
cmd-left ctrl-a/ ctrl-e cmd-down cmd-right
Move the cursor to the start / end of the line
Move the cursor to the beginning of the editor buffer. If it's already there, select the most recent block
shift-left / shift-right
Select the character to the left / right of the cursor
option-shift-left / option-shift-right
Select the word to the left / right of the cursor
cmd-shift-left / cmd-shift-right
Select everything to the left / right of the cursor
shift-up / shift-down
Select everything above / below the cursor
Select the entire editor buffer
shift-enter ctrl-enter option-enter
Insert newline
Split pane

How it Works

Text Editor Input Demo
soft wrapping text in Warp terminal input editor
Soft Wrapping Demo