Warp Drive

Save and share workflows in your terminal

What is Warp Drive?

Warp Drive is a workspace in your terminal where you can save workflows for personal use or to share with a team. All objects stored in Warp Drive sync immediately as they’re updated, so you and your team will always have access to the latest versions.
Warp Drive, Teams, and Workflows Demo

How to access it

Warp Drive is accessible from the status bar in the Warp terminal.
Warp Drive icon on top left corner of Warp
Warp Drive Icon

Workspaces in Warp Drive

When you open the Warp Drive panel, you will find a personal workspace where you can store your own workflows and organize them into folders.
If you are a member of a team using Warp Drive, your team’s workspace will also be available in the side panel.

Organizing workflows in Warp Drive with your team

  • Objects (e.g. Workflows) and folders in Warp Drive can be sorted alphabetically and by the last updated
  • Any objects moved from your personal workspace into a team’s workspace will be shared with all members of your team
  • It is not currently possible to move an item back from a team’s workspace into a personal workspace; if you shared something inadvertently, you should copy the contents of the object to your clipboard, recreate it in your personal workspace, and then delete the object from your team workspace
  • It is not currently possible to drag a folder of personal workflows into a team workspace; you will need to move objects one at a time

Using Warp Drive offline

In offline mode, some files will be read-only. You can still create and edit files while offline in your personal space. They will only be saved locally and will not be synced. They cannot be moved into a team or deleted until you are back online.
Warp Drive Offline mode

Troubleshooting Warp Drive

  • If you were previously using Warp on your own and were later invited to join a team, you may need to exit, update, and restart the Warp app to gain access to your team’s shared drive and commands
  • Navigating to Settings > Teams in Warp should also force a metadata update for you, which will ensure you have access to the latest versions of workflows in your team's drive