Session Sharing (Beta)

Collaborate with anybody in a Warp terminal session, in real-time

This action sends command information to Warp’s servers and is explicitly opt-in. Read more about privacy for cloud features in the privacy overview.

Share a session

While on a Team plan, you will find a Share button in the Warp top-bar navigation.

To start sharing:

  1. Click Share

  2. Select the option to share a current session or start a new session

How to control a starting point for sharing

If you select to share a current session, you will be given the option to share without scrollback or from the start of the session. When you share access from the start of a session (with scrollback), collaborators will be able to view and interact with your entire session history including command outputs from before sharing was initiated.

If you initiate a shared session using Block actions, you will be given the option to start sharing from the selected block onwards. This option gives you the precision to select a specific block of output in your session history as the starting point, excluding all previous scrollback before that block.

How to invite collaborators to your session

Warp will copy a link to your clipboard that you can share with anyone.

It's important to understand these are open links. During the Beta, it’s critical you only share your session links in private channels with known teammates and approved collaborators. Do not include your session-sharing links in any public forums.

When somebody who is logged into Warp accesses your shared session, they will be able to:

  • View your session in Warp including your command line input and output

  • Highlight text in your session

  • Request control to edit and enter commands in the sharer’s session

If granted access, collaborators can edit the input together in real-time and execute commands.

You can also:

  • Reference avatars and usernames for every collaborator who has access to your session

  • Jump to a collaborator’s selection by clicking on their avatar

  • Revoke edit access from collaborators at any time during a session

How to end a shared session

When you’re ready to end a shared session, click Share → Stop sharing to wrap up and close access for all collaborators.

Multiple shared sessions

You may share multiple sessions simultaneously. If you have multiple shared sessions, you will find Other shared sessions listed in the Share dropdown menu. You may also end multiple shared sessions at the same time with Share → Stop sharing all.

Known limitations

While this feature is in Beta, share links will open the Warp native app on MacOS or Linux. In the future, Session Sharing will support web-based viewing and collaboration using web links.

While this feature is in Beta, anybody who has access to a share link and an active Warp account will be able to view and collaborate on a session. In the future, Session Sharing will have Team-based access controls and permission restrictions.

There is a session size limit of 100MB per user per session. These limits are subject to change.

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