Warp extends and integrates with popular development tools.


Currently, the Docker extension is only available on macOS.

Warpโ€™s Docker extension makes it more convenient to open Docker containers in Warp. With the extension, you can click to open any Docker container in a Warpified subshell, without manually running docker exec or typing out lengthy container IDs.

Select a container from the list and specify a shell type. Note, that only bash|zsh|fish are supported shells for docker containers. Then, select a user (optional) and finally click โ€œOpen in Warpโ€ to run commands within the Docker container.


Warp + Raycast extension helps you open new Windows, Tabs, or Launch Configurations with ease.

Terminal Tip Within Raycast Settings > Extensions > Apps search for Warp and assign the alias "terminal" so that it will show up on a search.


Press SHIFT-CMD-C while in VSCode to open a new session in Warp.

To configure this, use the Apple Menu. Click on Code -> Settings -> Settings. Type in "terminal" and change Terminal > External: Osx Exec to

JetBrains IDEs

Currently, the JetBrains IDE configuration is only available on macOS.

Press a keyboard shortcut of choice while in a JetBrains IDE to open a new session in Warp.

To configure this, use the Apple Menu. Click on Preferences, go to External Tools , and click Add. In this menu, put the following information:

  • Name: Open Warp

  • Program: /Applications/

  • Arguments: $ProjectFileDir$

  • Working Directory: /Applications

Then press Ok. Now you will be able to Open Warp from the Apple Menu under Tools -> External Tools.

To attach this configuration to a keyboard shortcut, you must go to the Apple Menu -> Preferences. Then go to Keymap -> External Tools. You will find Open Warp. Right-click on it, and select Add Keyboard Shortcut. Type your desired shortcut and click save! You're ready to open Warp with a keyboard shortcut.

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