Notifications & Audible Bell

Warp can send you customizable desktop notifications when you are away from the app and quickly re-focus when something meaningful happens in your terminal sessions.

What is it

Notifications can be sent when a command completes after a configurable number of seconds or when a running command needs you to enter a password to proceed. For either of these triggers, Warp will only send you a desktop notification if you are using a different app at the time the trigger is fired. Warp also allows you to enable an audible terminal bell (disabled by default) that can be triggered by a variety of CLI tools (i.e. ping -a).

How to access it


  • Notifications are enabled by default and require system permissions to appear.

  • If you've turned Notifications off before, toggle it back on by going to Settings > Features > Session, or quickly toggle Notifications with the Command Palette.

  • Customize Notification triggers for long-running commands or password prompts by going to Settings > Features.

On macOS, you will want to Allow or Accept the request so that Warp can send you desktop notifications. If you accidentally denied it or would like to re-enable Notifications later, check the troubleshooting guide below.

Audible Bell

  • In Settings, enable an Audible terminal bell in Settings > Features > Terminal.

  • In Command Palette, β€œEnable/Disable Audible Terminal Bell”.

How it works

Troubleshooting Notifications

Warp requires two distinct notification settings to work. Mac system settings are found in Mac > System Preferences > Notifications & Focus and Warp app settings are found in Settings > Features must both be enabled for Notifications to show. If you have Notifications enabled in the system and Warp, but you still aren't receiving desktop notifications, try the following:

  • Make sure that you are navigated away from Warp when you expect to receive the notification.

  • Make sure the Do Not Disturb mode is turned off in Mac > System Preferences > Notifications > Notifications & Focus > Focus.

  • Go to Mac > System Preferences > Notifications & Focus > Notifications and select Warp in the list. Make sure either banner style or alert style notifications are selected, then quit and restart Warp.

  • To get the MacOS notification prompt to show again for Warp, run defaults delete dev.warp.Warp-Stable Notifications, then restart Warp and toggle on the Settings > Features > Receive desktop notifications from Warp.

  • Once all of the above is done, please Restart MacOS to apply the changes and that should help with restoring notifications in Warp.

Please reach out to us on Discord or GitHub if any other issues.

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