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Warp AI

Ask Warp AI to debug errors, explain output, write scripts, or walk you through a workflow.

What is Warp AI?

Warp AI is an AI-powered assistant that’s integrated within the Warp terminal.
This feature sends input data to OpenAI servers through their API and is explicitly opt-in. Read more about data privacy for Warp features on our privacy page.

How to use it

You can ask Warp AI to:
  • Explain output from the terminal
  • Suggest how to fix an error (Warp AI will automatically detect errors in output)
  • Write a script for you (e.g. write an automated script to ssh into a cloud instance)
  • Walk you through a setup (e.g. install latest version of postgres)
  • Show examples
Or, you can start a conversation with Warp AI using natural language. To get started, open Warp AI and ask any question or write a prompt.

How to access it

Here are the ways you can access Warp AI:
  • SHIFT-CTRL-SPACE from the command line or with some text or a block selected
  • Click the Warp AI icon ⚡ from any block
  • Right-click on any block or selected text and select “Ask Warp AI” from the menu
  • Click the Warp AI icon ⚡ from the top bar menu in Warp

How it works

Warp AI Demo

Starting Warp AI from AI Command Suggestions

Warp AI also includes AI Command Suggestions, which can be accessed by typing CTRL-` or # on the command line. With AI Command Suggestions, you can write natural language to look up commands you are unsure about and Warp AI will suggest commands for you. If you'd like more information about your query, you can select the Ask Warp AI suggestion.
Starting Warp AI from AI Command Suggestions