Warp Documentation

Files and Links

What is it

Warp supports opening file, folder, and url links that are within Blocks. Multiple URL protocols are supported e.g. https, ftp, file, etc. Warp opens web links directly in your default browser.

How to access it

  1. 1.
    After hovering over a link, open it directly by holding down CMD while clicking it.
  2. 2.
    Clicking a link normally will open a clickable tooltip that says “Open File/Folder/Link”.
  3. 3.
    Right-clicking a link will open a context menu that supports copying the absolute file path or url to the clipboard.
Note: Configure the default editor to open files with by navigating to Settings > Features > Choose an editor to open file links.

How it works

Warp parses relative and absolute file paths. Warp also tries to capture line and column numbers attached to the file path, supported formats include:
  • file_name:line_num
  • file_name:line_num:column_num
  • file_name[line_num, column_num]
  • file_name(line_num, column_num)
  • file_name, line: line_num, column: column_num
  • file_name, line: line_num, in