Markdown Viewer

Open Markdown files in your terminal and run commands.

Warp can display Markdown files directly in a split pane, in addition to opening them in an external editor. Any local file with the .md or .markdown extension is treated as a Markdown file. Remote files are currently not supported.

There are three ways to view a Markdown file in Warp, you can also configure Warp to open markdown files with the default external editor or Warp's built-in markdown viewer in Settings > Features > General > Open Markdown files in Warp's Markdown viewer by default.

For any link to a Markdown file within a block, you can open the file in Warp by CMD-clicking on the link, from the link tooltip, or the right-click context menu on the link.

Markdown-viewing commands

If you run a Markdown-viewing command like cat, Warp will show a banner with a button to open the Markdown file.

The following commands are considered Markdown viewers:

  • cat

  • glow

  • less

Opening a Markdown file from Finder

From Finder, you can open a Markdown file in Warp from the โ€œOpen Withโ€ menu that appears when right-clicking on the file.

Shell commands in Markdown files

Warp can run shell commands from Markdown code blocks in your active terminal session. Click the run icon >_ to insert a command into the terminal input.

The shell command must be in a code block with three backticks ``` and not inline code for Warp to treat the code like a runnable command.

Markdown shell blocks also support keyboard navigation. There are two ways to enter the keyboard navigation mode:

  • Clicking on a shell block.

  • Pressing CMD-UP or CMD-DOWN.

Once a shell block is selected, press CMD-ENTER to insert it into the terminal input. You can also use UP, DOWN, CMD-UP, and CMD-DOWN to navigate between shell blocks. While the Markdown file is focused, press CMD-L to switch focus back to the terminal without inserting a command.

If the command contains any arguments using the curly brace {{param}} syntax, they will be treated as workflow arguments. Learn more about workflows.

In addition, all shell and code blocks have a copy button to quickly copy the blockโ€™s text to the clipboard.

Code blocks without a set language, or one of the following languages, are treated as shell commands: sh, shell, bash, fish, zsh, warp-runnable-command.

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