Warp Documentation


Warp autoupdates whenever a new release comes out. We try to ship an update every week usually on Thursday! Submit bugs and feature request on our GitHub board!

2023.01.26 (v0.2023.

New features
  • Warp can now dim inactive terminal panes, navigate to `Settings > Appearance > Panes > Dim inactive panes
Bug fixes
  • Fixed crash when selecting multiple occurrences of multi-byte characters using CTRL-G

2023.01.19 (v0.2023.

New features
  • The current Git branch can now be copied using the Command Palette (CMD-P)
Bug fixes
  • Fixed bug where some keybinding actions would be applied to the wrong terminal pane.
  • Warp now checks the input values for font size and line height and ignores them if they are too small or large
  • The missing update permissions banner, can now be dismissed
  • Fixed a rare crash when closing panes created by a launch configuration

2023.01.12 (v0.2023.

New features
  • Support setting window background transparency and blur radius, via sliders under Settings > Appearance
  • Revamped resource center! Click the Warp icon in the top right to see keyboard shortcuts and learn how to best use Warp
  • Quit modal: Quitting or closing Warp while a session is running triggers a warning prompt–that also lets you view which sessions are running
  • Added a toggle to disable cursor blinking
Bug fixes
  • Can now support completions that have escaped paths
  • Can now support background images with paths that start with ~
  • Can now properly restore a Warp window’s position when using multiple monitors
  • Commands from restored sessions run on the local machine no longer appear in the SSH server’s history
  • Fixed issues SSHing into RHEL/Fedora machines with PackageKit-command-not-found installed
  • Fixed incorrect handling of -> as the user's prompt
  • Fixed ls completions when using the --color option

2023.01.05 (v0.2023.

Bug fixes
  • Trailing periods are no longer considered part of a URL.
  • Fixed regression where the "autocomplete symbols" setting was not being respected.

2022.12.15 (v0.2022.

New features
  • You can now reorder and drag tabs around with your mouse!
Bug fixes
  • The welcome Block now also works when using Fish shell.
  • AI Command Search no longer crashes from multi-byte characters when opened via the # prefix
  • Warp no longer crashes when starting a new session in a deleted or inaccessible directory
  • Resolved rendering bugs and hangs in full-screen applications like 'k9s' and 'less'.
  • Added a login failure notification.

2022.12.06 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Users may now opt out of telemetry (app analytics and crash reporting)
  • Added 'Tail Warp network log' workflow for viewing logs of all app network activity.
Bug fixes
  • Full-screen CLI commands like mitmproxy now correctly span the entire view.
  • Improved styling and organization of Features page in settings.
  • Completions While Typing menu closes while generating new results.
  • Added a hidden completion result for root dir.
  • Warp now consumes less memory when a session has many blocks.
  • Fixed an issue over SSH where logs were being inserted into input.

2022.12.02 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Users may now opt out of telemetry (app analytics and crash reporting)
  • Added 'Tail Warp network log' workflow for viewing logs of all app network activity.
Bug fixes
  • Mitigated an issue where running a command over SSH would emit spurious output (specifically, 'channel: open failed' statements) in a block.

2022.11.15 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Command Search: Ctrl-R opens a panel where you can search your history, workflows, and other command execution-related items, all in one place.
  • Sticky command header: Warp now pins the prompt/command section of a Block to the top of the screen; click it to scroll to the top of the Block. Can be toggled via Settings > Features > Show Sticky Command Header
  • Warp’s Input Editor now supports soft wrapping; long commands are now fully visible!
Bug fixes
  • Warp now sets the TERM_PROGRAM environment variable correctly in wrapped SSH sessions.

2022.11.10 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Warp now offers Command Corrections! Warp will suggest corrections for errors in previous console commands
  • Warp now also detects invalid file paths -- they are underlined red when error underlining is enabled
  • Added a toggle in Settings > Appearance to configure whether and how Warp enforces minimum contrast
Bug fixes
  • Fixed an issue where toggling the default prompt would not update it immediately
  • Improved positioning of the TAB completions menu when using split panes

2022.11.03 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Warp's prompt now shows the number of modified files on your local git branch! Search "changed file count" in the Command Palette or right-click the Prompt to toggle.
Bug fixes
  • Dim-styled colors are now restored properly.

2022.10.27 (v0.2022.

Bug fixes
  • Fixed a bug when hovering over hover icons

2022.10.20 (v0.2022.

Bug fixes
  • Modifying the mouse and scroll reporting settings now applies immediately
  • Fixed cursor not blinking when starting a shell instance
  • Fixed temporarily flashing the wrong prompt while Warp is still bootstrapping
  • Removed duplicate entry for toggling error underlining and syntax highlighting within the Command Palette

2022.10.13 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Warp’s Input Editor now has Syntax Highlighting and Error Underlining, with no configuration!
  • Warp now uses a pointer cursor when hovering over links
Bug fixes
  • Git branches in the completions menu now bold correctly
  • Warp no longer crashes when /bin/bash is missing

2022.10.06 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Drag and drop a folder or file onto the Warp dock icon to open a new tab in this directory
  • Added dividers between Blocks in compact mode
  • Shell keywords are now supported for completions and Command Inspector
Bug fixes
  • Accessibility support for context menu keybinding
  • Keystrokes typed while a command is still executing no longer gets dropped
  • Link recognition no longer includes trailing quotes
  • Find search results will continue to be highlighted after clearing the screen during a long running command
  • Fixed completions for commands prefixed with environment variables
  • Warp’s resource center is now center aligned

2022.09.29 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Extend the currently selected text (within Blocks) with SHIFT-LEFT, SHIFT-RIGHT, SHIFT-UP, and SHIFT-DOWN
  • Double-click and drag to select text in the Input Editor
  • Insert the last word of the previous command with META-.
  • Added a toggle to enable mouse and scroll reporting to the settings dialog (Settings > Features)
Bug fixes
  • The clear command no longer appears in the snackbar at the top of the window
  • Warp’s completions now support executables in remote sessions (no longer just bash)
  • Fixed subcommand completions for commands with proper prefixes of each other (e.g. npm r and npm run)
  • The completion spec for lsd now supports files

2022.09.22 (v0.2022.

New features
  • After selecting a Block press CTRL-M to open its context menu
  • Commands in the tab completions menu and history menu can now be executed directly with CMD-ENTER
  • Completions now support shell builtins, git aliases, and also npm aliases
Bug fixes
  • Command Palette now includes the most useful features at the top
  • Improved flag completions for cargo

2022.09.15 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Warp Resource Center - explore Warp features and documentation by clicking the ? icon or pressing SHIFT-CTRL-?
  • New icons in the completion menu denoting flags, folders, branches, etc.
Bug fixes
  • Press CMD-ENTER within the history menu (CTRL-R) to directly execute the highlighted command
  • Fixed crash when opening many tabs (due to MacOS’s default open file descriptor limits)
  • Fixed crash when laying out RTL text

2022.09.08 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Global hotkey window can now float above full-screen apps
  • Tabs can now have their color customized (via right-clicking on a tab)
  • Terminal line height is now configurable (via Settings > Appearance)

2022.09.01 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Tab completions now support fuzzy string matching
  • Improve completions for over 450 commands, including docker, kubernetes, cargo, node, and git
Bug fixes
  • Properly send C0 control codes for <ctrl-[2-8]> keystrokes
  • Session restoration now also persists bold, underline, italic, and strikethrough formatting
  • Inspect mode now works for the changelog modal
  • Fixed a crash when highlighting a link
  • Fixed Find occasionally returning only partial results
  • Fixed occasional crash when loading images
  • Fixed display issue in the Mac Menu for keyboard shortcuts with special keys

2022.08.25 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Experimental feature: support for always-on completions — the completions menu can now open automatically while typing (enable via Settings -> Features)
Bug fixes
  • Custom tab titles no longer get overwritten when using multiple panes
  • A Block’s execution duration is now formatted in hours, minutes, and seconds
  • Improved rendering of the ‘Current session’ text in the Navigation Palette
  • Warp properly hides the cursor when a CLI sends the respective escape sequence
  • Warp stays focused (keyboard-interactive) after closing the Share Block menu and the context menu
  • Warp no longer lags when the Ctrl-R menu is opened
  • Confirming a tab suggestion appends a space to the buffer

2022.08.18 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Launch Configurations - Save a configuration of windows, tabs, and panes to open later with CTRL-CMD-L
  • Session Navigation - Navigate to any session in Warp with SHIFT-CMD-P
  • Added exclusive theme for users who joined Warp through a referral
Bug fixes
  • Prompt now shows Git SHA instead of HEAD when you’re not on a branch
  • Filepath completions now include current directory ('.') and parent directory ('..')
  • Support SHIFT-HOME and SHIFT-END keybindings to select text to line start and end.
  • Items in the Command Palette now highlight when you hover over them with your mouse
  • Improved how Warp cleans up the warptmp directory for Zsh SSH sessions
  • Already open dropdown menus are now properly closed when clicked
  • Warp no longer crashes when dragging a window that’s running htop
  • Warp no longer crashes when the find bar is open

2022.08.10 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Can now Middle-click a tab to close it
  • Added additional tab reordering options (Close: tab, other tabs, and tabs to the right) via the Mac Menu, the Command Palette, and a tab’s context menu (right click)
Bug fixes
  • Added a toggle to the Mac Menu for maximizing panes
  • Can now switch panes using keyboard shortcuts even when a pane is maximized
  • Add support for opening file paths with RubyMine, PhpStorm, and WebStorm
  • Fixed crash when highlighting links
  • Fixed issue where the HISTCONTROL environment variable was ignored in bash
  • Pressing CTRL-R to open history search no longer crashes Warp when you have multiple cursors

2022.08.03 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Updated Mac menus to make Warp actions more discoverable - 101
  • Warp now supports opening file links and urls via CMD-CLICK! - 177
Bug fixes
  • Various CLI tools no longer hang e.g. Bazel and Maven
  • Command Inspector hover no longer crashes with UTF-8 encoded strings
  • Opening the find / search bar (CMD-F) now automatically selects the text
  • Tab titles are no longer reset when changing panes

2022.07.27 (v0.2022.

Bug fixes
  • Closing and re-opening the Command Palette now resets the selected item
  • The cursor’s position is now restored after exiting the Command History Search (CTRL-R) menu.
  • Shorthand and longhand flags are now correctly surfaced (based on the number of dashes) in tab completions
  • Added voiceover support for BACKSPACE and DELETE keystrokes within the Input Editor

2022.07.20 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Command Inspector - hover over any piece of a command in Warp’s Input Editor to surface documentation or press CMD+I to inspect at the cursor’s current location
  • Improved ordering in the tab completions menu
Bug fixes
  • Font color for links in light mode (themes) now set correctly
  • Moving forward by a word no longer moves farther than expected
  • Warp no longer hangs when passing an invalid file path
  • Fixed issues with persisting the selected theme when “Sync with OS” is enabled and the theme picker is launched from the Command Palette (or a keyboard shortcut)
  • Fixed issues with text input after clearing Blocks (CMD-K) while in a REPL environment.
  • Fixed shortcut for select-left-by-word (SHIFT-CMD-B), select-right-by-word (SHIFT-CMD-F), select-line-to-end (SHIFT-CTRL-E), and select-line-to-start (SHIFT-CTRL-A)

2022.07.13 (v0.2022.

Bug fixes
  • Improved startup time for Fish shells
  • Find Bar no longer crashes on selected text
  • Scrollbar now supports jumping to where you click
  • Fixed a bug with the referral link for sharing Warp not loading

2022.07.07 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Bookmark a Block (or multiple) for quick access via the scroll-bar
  • Added a referral counter to the Settings > Account screen and the referral screen
  • Added support for rendering text with a lower visual weight; enable the thin strokes option in Settings > Appearance (enabled by default for low-DPI displays)
  • Togglable settings, overflow menu items, and settings pages are now accessible through the Command Palette
  • CLI options are now surfaced by default without needing to type '-'
  • Press SHIFT-CMD-C while in VSCode (Visual Studio Code) to open a new Warp session
Bug fixes
  • Fixed referal links and share by email
  • Fixed a hang that would sometimes occur when connecting with SSH
  • Now support requesting media permissions (camera, audio, etc)
  • Correctly parse Git commit SHAs in completion menus
  • Improved tab completion support for command line arguments that are behind flags

2022.06.29 (v0.2022.

Bug fixes
  • Cursor changes when hovering over clickable UI elements and the Input Editor
  • Dim colors now render correctly

2022.06.27 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Improved auto-focus behavior when closing panes by keeping track of history when navigating or clicking around panes
  • Performance improvements when executing Blocks: Warp no longer flashes on every command!
Bug fixes
  • Input Editor re-focuses after renaming a tab
  • Reduced visual weight of the active tab title to improve legibility.
  • Improved blending along the inside edge of rounded corners
  • Global Hotkey Windows (Quake Mode) now correctly respect the active screen setting
  • Completions for flag arguments now support absolute and relative file paths (when applicable)
  • Git checkout <TAB> now also completes branches with the remote prefixed.
  • Pressing Arrow-up (UP) when the Input Editor is non-empty opens the command history with prefix filtering
  • Button to copy app version moved to main settings page

2022.06.17 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to reorder tabs (CTRL-SHIFT-LEFT and CTRL-SHIFT-RIGHT)
Bug fixes
  • Warp no longer crashes on MacOS 13 (Ventura)
  • Global Hotkey Window (Quake Mode) no longer overlaps Spotlight, Raycast, Alfred, and the Mac Dock
  • Now correctly display the user and hostname in the Prompt after exiting an SSH session
  • Fixed a memory leak on window close.

2022.06.08 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Now support renaming tabs (right click on your tab title!)
  • Now support enabling custom prompt from prompt context menu (right-click on prompt)
  • Now support splitting panes (left and right) from the context menu (right click) and through the Command Palette
  • Now support CTRL-Click as an alternative to right-clicking
Bug fixes
  • Improved completions support for arguments nested under options (e.g. git branch -D <branch_name...>)
  • Modified files are now included (in addition to commit SHAs) for git diff

2022.06.01 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Added information about rewards to the referral screen
  • Added a button that toggles regex search in the Find Bar
  • Added completion support for shell functions
Bug fixes
  • Hotfix - a regression that caused Warp to stall when using nano
  • Improved kerning (font rendering) throughout the app
  • Added a hyperlink (to our changelog history) in the Changelog modal
  • Multiline commands that don't have any output are no longer cut off

2022.05.26 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Warp can now send you desktop notifications for long-running commands and password prompts - 628
  • Added keybinding to toggle fullscreen mode
Bug fixes
  • Stopped prepending \ before ~ in tab titles for older versions of Bash
  • Added support for CMD-G and SHIFT-CMD-G to tab between results in the Find Bar

2022.05.18 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Added exclusive theme available to anyone who has referred someone to Warp. (Open Theme Picker > Warp Referral to use it)
Bug fixes
  • Improved rendering of rounded corners throughout the app
  • Fixed cell dimension computation for some fonts
  • Fixed labels rendering incorrectly in the font selector dropdown in settings
  • Fixed Bash remote sessions missing tab titles
  • Reduced UI flickering after executing commands
  • Fixed errors when sshing into remote machines which do not have xxd available
  • Fixed some anti-aliased glyphs getting clipped during rasterization
  • Fixed search bar stealing focus after command execution

2022.05.11 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Filepath completions without needing to cd
  • Support for any font (not just monospaced)
Bug fixes
  • Tab completions (cd) with international characters are now properly escaped (edited)
  • Improve rendering performance when many tabs are open (fixes non-responsiveness when searching history)
  • Fixed a race condition with autoupdate a11y announcements and other a11y messaging
  • Fixed a regression that would cut off the output of some long-running Blocks

2022.05.04 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Added default tab titles for Bash
  • Improved default tab title in Zsh
  • Maximize a split pane
  • Support rcfiles that check PS1 to determine if it's an interactive shell; this may explain missing aliases or commands in Warp!
Bug fixes
  • History now correctly shows results after hitting ESC when a Block is focused
  • Fixed crash when quitting AI Command Search while a command was being generated
  • Global keybindings with function keys and numeric keys are now properly registered
  • Warp no longer jumps up and down for single-line commands that take more than 50ms

2022.05.02 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Added a Quake Mode setting that configures whether Warp should automatically hide when losing focus - 1077
  • Added a Quake Mode setting that configures which screen to pin Warp on - 862
  • Expanded the keybindings supported by Quake Mode / Global Hotkey Window - 856
Bug fixes
  • Commands prepended with space are now stored in history if hist_ignore_space option is not set
  • Now support dotfile configurations with non-English quotation marks
  • Continued improving the reliability of login and auth within the app
  • Improved performance for commands with large outputs
  • Improved performance for long running commands
  • Improved text alignment within inline banners

2022.04.20 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Support logging into Warp by pasting the auth url when "Take me to Warp" fails in browser
Bug fixes
  • Improved reliability of login and auth within the app
  • Buttons within the find bar are now properly shaded for gradient themes
  • Workflows with default values are now registered by Warp
  • Fixed bootstrapping bug that affected Fish versions older than 3.2.0
  • Fixed a memory leak that occurred when new tabs were opened or panes were split

2022.04.15 (v0.2022.

Bug fixes
  • Support parsing PS1’s exit codes (Bash’s $?) and improved PS1 parsing for newer Bash versions (4.4+)
  • Fixed prompt showing up as exit in Bash - 793
  • Improved parsing of Zsh default prompts
  • Opening the find bar will automatically select any existing text - 831

2022.04.08 (v0.2022.

Bug fixes
  • Block sharing dialog now scrolls properly

2022.04.01 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Warm welcome!
  • A.I. Command Search
Bug fixes
  • Warp now properly registers SPACE and SHIFT modifier keys for Global Hotkey Windows
  • Page Up and Page Down keys now work correctly in vim and other fullscreen apps - 560
  • SSH now supports bootstrapping if bash-preexec is included in a Debian VM’s system rcfiles (eg by default at Google) - 578
  • Corrected keyboard shortcut for split pane in context menu

2022.03.30 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Workflows: an easier way to share, parameterize, and execute commands - 625
  • Quake mode / Focus Warp with a Global Hotkey - 091
Bug fixes
  • Magnet, Swish and ALT-Tab window managers now work with Warp - 776
  • SSH now handles control master connection errors - 578
  • SSH now handles verbose mode, no longer leaks into the Input Editor as a typeahead - 578
  • SSH now boots normally for POSIX shells that aren’t supported by Warp’s wrapper - 578

2022.03.24 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Fish support - 190
  • Basic screenreader support (Voiceover) - Warp is now an accessible terminal!
  • Added a toggle in the settings to disable the SSH wrapper - 821
Bug fixes
  • Hitting tab with a text selection shows tab completions instead of indenting
  • SSH no longer hangs when /tmp is not writable for Zsh - 578
  • SSH no longer bootstrap the shell if it’s not meant to be an interactive session (e.g. if -T or a command is passed) - 578
  • SSH now supports Starship and Zsh's $PROMPT variable - 803
  • Also import themes in subdirectories e.g. ~/.warp/themes/subdirectory/theme.yaml

2022.03.16 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Multi-block selections and corresponding actions - 146
  • Case-sensitive search
Bug fixes
  • SSH no longer returns 0~ and 1~ after executing commands for Zsh 5.0.8 or older - 578
  • SSH now supports LocalCommand / RemoteCommand - 578
  • SSH over Zsh no longer depends on configuring locales on the remote machine - 578
  • SSH sources /etc/bash.bashrc which is an extra rcfile in Debian and other Linux distributions - 578
  • Improved completions stability when there are multiple panes on the same remote machine
  • Vim and other alt-screen apps properly expand to take up the full window - 552
  • Clicking into Warp from other foreground window focuses the clicked pane - 739
  • Warp now respects ignore-space history options for Zsh and Bash - 044
  • Warp now creates a ~/.warp folder to persist custom keybindings - 801

2022.03.09 (v0.2022.

Bug fixes
  • Added missing actions to Command Palette
  • Option is meta is now in the settings menu
  • Fix for SSH hanging when Zsh is the remote login shell
  • Fix for SSH with Zsh that would break with certain rcfiles because of incorrectly set ZDOTDIR

2022.03.02 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Can now edit the keybindings for arrow navigation (Up/Down/Left/Right)
  • Can now edit the keybindings for activating specific tabs (by number CMD-1, CMD-2, …)
Bug fixes
  • Crash in theme chooser
  • Fix for tab completion sometimes deleting characters

2022.02.23 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Zsh support over SSH
  • Partially complete autosuggestion (by word) using CTRL-RIGHT and ALT-RIGHT - 488
  • Added a Copy URL menu item after right-clicking a URL - 154
  • Indicator for conflicting keybindings in keyboard customization UI
Bug fixes
  • Able to fill-in longest common prefix after filtering tab completions - 618
  • Block completion causes Input Editor to steal focus from find bar - 452
  • UP-arrow in history menu sometimes scrolls more than one item
  • CMD-F opens a no-op find bar in alt screen

2022.02.16 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Customizable key bindings (accessible via the settings menu) - 579
  • Users can opt in to use their shell’s prompt rather than Warp’s default (select the Honor PS1 toggle under the settings menu) - 580
  • Added a timestamp showing Block runtime duration; hover to see start and end date + time - 178
  • CTRL-F now accepts autosuggestions - 403
  • CTRL-E and CMD-RIGHT accept autosuggestions when at the end of the buffer - 403
  • Allow input height to expand to half the pane height - 621
Bug fixes
  • Arrow key presses now (up and down now) cycle themes in the theme picker - 294
  • ESC keypress now exits the theme picker
  • CMD-Down when on most recent block to focus input now clears Block selection
  • Fixed a bug where resizing a pane while a command was running made it impossible to scroll to the bottom of the pane
  • Fixed a bug where resizing a pane could cause Warp to show a blank screen
  • Parentheses, quotes, and brackets now also auto-close after typing an alphanumeric character
  • Remapped multi-cursor key bindings to CTRL-SHIFT-UP and CTRL-SHIFT-DOWN - 374
  • Restored OPT-CMD-UP and OPT-CMD-DOWN for switching panes up and down - 730

2022.01.26 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Multi-cursor keybindings for adding cursors above and below current selections with OPT-CMD-UP/DOWN - 374
Bug fixes
  • Double clicking the top of the window maximizes the app - 097
  • Icon, cursor and selection contrast fixes
  • Scrolling performance improvements with bg image themes
  • Changelog visual glitch
  • Resize bug - losing scroll position when viewing blocks with long output

2022.01.26 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Auto-close symbols (parentheses, quotes, and brackets) like VSCode
Bug fixes
  • Block sharing link no longer cuts off - 660
  • Right clicking a Block now focuses that Block
  • Mouse dragging in vim
  • Restoring history bug on session restore
  • Automatically focus the last active window on session restore

2022.01.19 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Restore block contents
  • The longest common prefix in the completions menu auto-fills the Input Editor - 479
  • Add description for paths in completion results - 103
  • Can right click the prompt and copy: git branch, prompt, cwd - 346
Bug fixes
  • Fixed bug where venv was inserted into input editor - 599
  • Improved url detection

2022.01.12 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Added a Changelog page to our documentation
Bug fixes
  • Double clicking text in a url now highlights the word instead of the whole url - 508
  • Double clicking a string with underscores now selects the whole string and not just the subword
  • Selection updates correctly when a block hit its max line length
  • Can now also close the Command Palette using CMD-P - 184
  • Moved check for update button to settings dialog - 070
  • Fixes tabs not opening in new windows when autoupdate is pending
  • Fix regression with input box not being focused on app relaunch

2022.01.05 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Native undo and redo in the text editor using CMD-Z - 113
  • Added CMD-M to minimize the Window - 107
  • Added our open source licenses to the Warp Documentation
  • Split pane focus indicator - a triangle in the top left corner of the pane in focus
Bug fixes
  • CTRL-SPACE is now properly passed to Emacs and other terminal apps - 499
  • Copy on select setting persists across sessions and does not reset after updates

2021.12.29 (v0.2021.

New features
  • Find in block (+ other find improvements)

2021.12.22 (v0.2021.

New features
  • Windows, tabs, and panes are restored whenever you reopen Warp. Restoring block content is on its way!
  • Warp now supports completions for over 300 commands and more information about existing commands by using Fig’s completion specs
  • Git aliases are now included in completions menu - 210
  • Switch to next pane and previous pane with CMD-[ and CMD-] - 392
  • Scrolling the Block list with PG-UP and PG-DOWN - 370
  • Copy and paste the file directory into Warp from Finder - 514
  • When the last Block is selected, can re-focus the input editor using CMD-DOWN key
  • Arrow down scrolls to bottom of last block
Bug fixes