Split Panes

The Split Panes feature allows you to divide a tab into multiple rectangular panes, each of which is a unique terminal session.

How to use it

  • Split Panes to the right / down with CMD-D / SHIFT-CMD-D or in any direction by right-clicking on any Pane.

  • Navigate among Split Panes with OPT-CMD-ARROW, the active pane will be marked with a triangle in the top corner.

  • Toggle Maximize Pane with CMD-SHIFT-ENTER.

  • Close the active Pane with CMD-W.

  • You can also drag and drop panes. Click and drag a Pane’s header around a given tab, drag the Pane to the tab bar to move it to another Tab, or make it into a Tab.

You can quickly find all the pane shortcuts by using the Command Palette. You can also remap the shortcuts to your liking. See Custom Keyboard Shortcuts for more details.

How it works

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