Warp Documentation


What is it

The Tabs feature allows you to organize a window into multiple terminal sessions. Tabs can be customized with a title and/or an ANSI color to help identify them. Note: New Tabs will default to the active Tabs’ current working directory and the actual color values will be automatically derived from your Warp theme.

How to use it

  • Open a new Tab with CMD-T or by clicking on the + in the top bar.
  • Close the current Tab with CMD-W or by clicking on the x on hover over a Tab.
  • Activate the Previous or Next Tab with SHIFT-CMD-{ or SHIFT-CMD-}.
  • Move a Tab to the Left or Right with CTRL-SHIFT-LEFT or CTRL-SHIFT-LEFT.
  • Right-clicking on a Tab reveals more options, like ‘Rename Tab’ and the color picker, or explore even more Tab actions within the Command Palette CMD-P
Terminal Tip You can change the Tab names (either rename the tab with something constant, by right-clicking the tab; changing the whole "template" using your .bashrc or .zshrc by adding something like:
function set_title () {​echo -ne "\033]0;MyTitle\007" }
precmd_functions += (set_title)
Where MyTitle would be whatever you want to see in the tab (either a fixed string, $PWD, or something else). Learn more here.

How it works

Tabs Demo