Working Directory

What is it

Warp's working directory feature is designed to enhance your workflow by enabling you to set up a default directory for new sessions. This feature helps you save time and quickly access your preferred directories when starting new sessions. You have the flexibility to set up a working directory for all new sessions or customize it individually for Windows, Tabs, and Panes, based on your specific needs.

How to access it

  • Open Settings > Features > Session and go to "Working directory for new sessions".

  • The drop-down for this feature provides several options discussed below:

    • Home Directory, is the default option for new sessions and opens new sessions in the currently logged-in users home folder ~/.

    • Previous session's directory, opens new sessions in your active sessions' current directory.

    • Custom directory, opens new sessions in a file path you specify.

    • Advanced, allows you to select from the three options for new sessions in Windows, Tabs, and Panes.

How to use it

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