Block Sharing

Share a block easily with coworkers or teammates.
This action sends command information to our server and is explicitly opt-in. Read more about privacy at Warp on our privacy page.
Create and share a permalink to your Blocks to collaborate with teammates. Warp also preserves your Block’s output to improve the debugging process.
  • Currently, shared Blocks are viewable to anyone with the link, but in the future, you will be able to restrict viewing permissions to specific people or email domains.
  • Unshare a Block by navigating to Settings -> Shared Blocks
Here is the web permalink of the Block shared in the demo above.
Note: If you experience any issues with block sharing, please see our known issues for troubleshooting steps.
Web Permalink of Shared Block
Shared permalinks will also display a preview of your code for quick context on each link.
Compatible with any platform that supports Open Graph or Twitter meta tags. For example Slack, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Notion, and more ...
Share and Unfurl a Block Preview