Block Sharing

Share a block with your team or community.

This action sends command information to our server and is explicitly opt-in. Read more about privacy at Warp on our privacy page.

Share your blocks with a permalink or HTML embed. You can get started with shared blocks by opening the context menu and copying the command, output, or prompt.

How to Share Blocks

To share your blocks, follow these steps:

  1. On a finished block, click the context menu and select Share... or select the block and hit CMD-SHIFT-S.

  2. A modal will pop up that lets you title your block and customize it by selecting which parts of the block you want to share (e.g. command, output, prompt, etc.).

  3. Click either "Create link" or "Get embed" depending on how you want to share your block.

  4. The link or embed snippet will be copied to your clipboard.

If you experience any issues with block sharing, please see our known issues for troubleshooting steps.

Create and share a permalink to your blocks to collaborate with teammates. Here is the web permalink of the block depicted below.

Embedded Blocks

Create and embed your blocks on web pages to help your readers follow along with technical writing. Readers can interact with an embedded block as they would with a block in Warp, with a context menu and styling. When you click "Get embed", Warp will copy an iframe to your clipboard. Here's an example iframe:

<iframe src=""
title="server script error" style="width: 712px; height: 397px; border:0;
overflow:hidden;" allow="clipboard-read; clipboard-write"></iframe>

Embedded Block Example on Web Page

Managing Shared Blocks

You can unshare a block by navigating to Settings > Shared blocks. Currently, shared blocks are accessible to anyone with the link.

Shared permalinks will also display a preview of your code for quick context on each link.

Compatible with any platform that supports Open Graph or Twitter meta tags. For example Slack, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Notion, and more ...

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