Secret Redaction

Secret Redaction attempts to automatically redact secrets and sensitive information in your terminal output, including passwords, IP addresses, API keys, and PII.

How to access it

Disabled by default, to enable Secret Redaction open Settings > Privacy > Secret Redaction or type in "Secret Redaction" to toggle it in the Command Palette.

How it works

Secret Redaction attempts to detect sensitive data using a list of default regex patterns and then masks it with lock icons. Clicking on a secret will display a tooltip that lets you reveal the secret or copy the secret's contents. When trying to copy terminal output containing secrets, it will be copied as asterisks (e.g. echo password becomes echo ********) unless revealed or copied from the tooltip.
You can add additional custom regex for secrets you want to include in Settings > Privacy > Secret Redaction > Custom Secret Redaction.

Secret Regex List

Here is a list of the default regular expressions that Warp uses to identify secrets.
Secret Type
Regex Pattern
IP V4 Address
IP V6 Address
Slack App Token
Phone Number
AWS Access ID
MAC Address
Google API Key
Google OAuth ID
Github Classic Personal Access Token
Github Fine Grained Personal Access Token
Github OAuth Access Token
Github User to Server Token
Github Server to Server Token
Heroku API Key
Stripe Key
Firebase Auth Domain