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Refer a Friend

Think Warp would be the ideal product for someone you know? You can invite your team or friends within the app.
If you think you've referred people but have not received an email, contact us at [email protected]​
Click the three dots (kebab menu) in the top right corner and then click "Invite people" to open the invite/referral dialog.
There are two ways you can invite a friend:
  1. 1.
    Send them an invite link. This will redirect them to our product download page.
  2. 2.
    Input their email address which we'll use to email them.
Note: If you experience any issues with referral links, please see our known issues for troubleshooting steps.
Refer a friend

Referral program

We give out themes, swag, and other perks as thanks for participating in and helping to grow our community.

Join Warp via a referral

We give out a unique theme if you join Warp via an invite.

Referring others to Warp

1 invite: An exclusive theme

When someone joins Warp--downloads Warp AND creates their first Block--with your referral code, the referral theme will become available in your theme picker after you restart the app. We also send an email alerting you.

10 invites: Warp T-shirt

Once you've referred 10 people, we'll email you with details on how to claim your Warp T-shirt. Physical Warp swag cannot be shipped to some geographic locations, in these instances we'll reach out over email with a gift card.

20 invites: An invitation to an insiders program

Once you've referred 20 people, we'll email you an invite to our insider program where you'll receive early access to new features and a private newsletter.