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Global Hotkey

Warp's Global Hotkey is a configurable shortcut that can show/hide a dedicated Warp window or all Warp windows on your chosen desktop regardless of whether the app is focused.
On macOS, system keyboard shortcuts like CMD-ESC, CMD-BACKTICK, CMD-TAB, CMD-PERIOD, and CMD-TILDE need to be unbound before you can use them in Warp.
On Linux, the Global Hotkey may not work for some X11 window managers that do not implement Extended Window Manager Hints. Some examples include: sowm, catwm, Fvwm, dwm, 2bWM, monsterwm, TinyWM, x11fs, XMonad​

How to access it

Dedicated Window

Dedicated Window allows you to customize the windows' pinned position and its width and height ratio relative to your active screen size (also known as Quake Mode).
  1. 1.
    Open Settings > Features > Keys and select "Dedicated hotkey window" from the Global Hotkey dropdown to enable the feature.
  2. 2.
    Configure the keybinding, the windows position, screen, and relative size or uncheck "Autohides on the loss of keyboard focus" which will cause the dedicated Hotkey Window to stay on top when triggered regardless of mouse or keyboard focus.
On Linux, Warp does not support the "Autohides on the loss of keyboard focus" feature.

Show/Hide All Windows

Show/Hide All Windows allows you to configure a shortcut to show/hide all Warp windows.
  1. 1.
    Open Settings > Features > Keys and select "Show/hide all windows" from the Global Hotkey dropdown to enable the feature.
  2. 2.
    Configure your preferred keybinding.
On Linux, hidden windows may not appear in your ALT-TAB window switcher menu. Furthermore, the ordering of windows beyond the top window may change after toggling.

How it works

Global Hotkey - Dedicated Window Demo
Global Hotkey - Show/Hide All Windows Demo

Troubleshooting Hotkey Dedicated Window

Review platform-specific instructions for troubleshooting the global hotkey below
If the keybinding doesn't work, check under System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Accessibility and tick the checkbox to grant Warp access.
The hotkey window may appear on the incorrect monitor under certain window sizes. For example, with GNOME, if the hotkey window is supposed to show on a monitor having the taskbar (GNOME Panel), and the window height is 100%, causing an overlap, the hotkey window may fallback to showing on an external monitor if you have one. Try working around this by setting a window height to a lesser percentage, e.g. 90%.