Uninstalling Warp

Removing Warp from your computer involves uninstalling Warp and then removing any files or data.

Uninstalling Warp installed via dmg

  • Remove Warp with sudo rm -r /Applications/Warp.app

Uninstalling Warp installed via Brew

  • Remove Warp with brew uninstall warp
  • Clean up old versions of Warp formulae and small kegs of data with brew cleanup warp

Removing Warp login, settings, files, log, and database

  • Logout of your Warp user with sudo security delete-generic-password -l "dev.warp.Warp-Stable" $HOME/Library/Keychains/login.keychain
  • Remove Warp settings with defaults delete dev.warp.Warp-Stable
  • Remove Warp user files and logs with sudo rm -r $HOME/.warp/ $HOME/Library/Logs/warp.log
  • Remove Warp database with sudo rm -r "$HOME/Library/Application Support/dev.warp.Warp-Stable"