Logging out & Uninstalling

How to log out from Warp, and how to uninstall Warp.

Logging out

You can log out of Warp through:

  • Settings > Account, with the "Log out" button

  • Command Palette, with the "Log Out" item.

Known issues:

  1. When you log out, you will lose all running processes and all unsaved objects.

  2. When you log out and log in to Warp with another account, the following preferences will be preserved from the original account:

    1. Theme

    2. Keybindings

    3. Settings (e.g. autosuggestion, notifications, font size, welcome tips status)

  3. Whenever you log in to Warp, you will receive the onboarding survey.

Uninstalling Warp

Removing Warp from your computer involves uninstalling Warp and then removing any files or data.

Uninstalling Warp installed via dmg

  • Remove Warp with sudo rm -r /Applications/Warp.app

  • Go to Mac Finder > Applications and right-click on Warp, and "Move to Trash"

Uninstalling Warp installed via Brew

  • Remove Warp with brew uninstall warp

Removing Warp login, settings, files, log, and database

  • Remove Warp settings with defaults delete dev.warp.Warp-Stable

  • Remove Warp user files and logs with sudo rm -r $HOME/.warp/ $HOME/Library/Logs/warp.log

  • Remove Warp database with sudo rm -r "$HOME/Library/Application Support/dev.warp.Warp-Stable"

  • Remove Warp themes and launch configurations with rm -rf ~/.warp

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