Warp will automatically suggest commands as you type based on shell history and possible completions.

How to access it

Terminal Tip

You can change the keybinding for accepting autosuggestions to Tab. Configure this in the "Tab key behavior" setting under Features > Editor. Note: This will update the keybinding for opening the completions menu to CTRL-SPACE. You can also enable the "Open completions menu as you type" in Settings > Features so that the completions menu opens automatically.

How to use it

There are several ways to accept autosuggestions, either completely or partially:

  • Complete an autosuggestion using the RIGHT arrow or CTRL-F.

  • CTRL-E also, completes the autosuggestion when your cursor is at the end of the buffer.

  • CTRL-RIGHT can be used to partially complete the autosuggestion one component at a time.

How it works

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