These are our release changelogs. We try to release an update every week on Warp Wednesday! Submit bugs and feature request on our GitHub board!

2022.05.04 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Added default tab titles for Bash
  • Improved default tab title in Zsh
  • Maximize a split pane
  • Support rcfiles that check PS1 to determine if it's an interactive shell; this may explain missing aliases or commands in Warp!
Bug fixes
  • History now correctly shows results after hitting ESC when a Block is focused
  • Fixed crash when quitting AI Command Search while a command was being generated.
  • Global keybindings with function keys and numeric keys are now properly registered.
  • Warp no longer jumps up and down for single-line commands that take more than 50ms

2022.05.02 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Added a Quake Mode setting that configures whether Warp should automatically hide when losing focus - 1077
  • Added a Quake Mode setting that configures which screen to pin Warp on - 862
  • Expanded the keybindings supported by Quake Mode / Global Hotkey Window - 856
Bug fixes
  • Commands prepended with space are now stored in history if hist_ignore_space option is not set
  • Now support dotfile configurations with non-English quotation marks
  • Continued improving the reliability of login and auth within the app
  • Improved performance for commands with large outputs
  • Improved performance for long running commands
  • Improved text alignment within inline banners

2022.04.20 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Support logging into Warp by pasting the auth url when "Take me to Warp" fails in browser
Bug fixes
  • Improved reliability of login and auth within the app.
  • Buttons within the find bar are now properly shaded for gradient themes
  • Workflows with default values are now registered by Warp
  • Fixed bootstrapping bug that affected Fish versions older than 3.2.0
  • Fixed a memory leak that occurred when new tabs were opened or panes were split

2022.04.15 (v0.2022.

Bug fixes
  • Support parsing PS1’s exit codes (bash’s $?) and improved PS1 parsing for newer bash versions (4.4+)
  • Fixed prompt showing up as exit in bash - 793
  • Improved parsing of Zsh default prompts
  • Opening the find bar will automatically select any existing text - 831

2022.04.08 (v0.2022.

Bug fixes
  • Block sharing dialog now scrolls properly

2022.04.01 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Warm welcome!
  • A.I. Command Search
Bug fixes
  • Warp now properly registers SPACE and SHIFT modifier keys for Global Hotkey Windows
  • Page Up and Page Down keys now work correctly in vim and other fullscreen apps - 560
  • SSH now supports bootstrapping if bash-preexec is included in a Debian VM’s system rcfiles (eg by default at Google) - 578
  • Corrected keyboard shortcut for split pane in context menu

2022.03.30 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Workflows: an easier way to share, parameterize, and execute commands - 625
  • Quake mode / Focus Warp with a Global Hotkey - 091
Bug fixes
  • Magnet, Swish and ALT-Tab window managers now work with Warp - 776
  • SSH now handles control master connection errors - 578
  • SSH now handles verbose mode, no longer leaks into the Input Editor as a typeahead - 578
  • SSH now boots normally for POSIX shells that aren’t supported by Warp’s wrapper - 578

2022.03.24 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Fish support - 190
  • Basic screenreader support (Voiceover) - Warp is now an accessible terminal!
  • Added a toggle in the settings to disable the SSH wrapper - 821
Bug fixes
  • Hitting tab with a text selection shows tab completions instead of indenting
  • SSH no longer hangs when /tmp is not writable for Zsh - 578
  • SSH no longer bootstrap the shell if it’s not meant to be an interactive session (e.g. if -T or a command is passed) - 578
  • SSH now supports Starship and Zsh's $PROMPT variable - 803
  • Also import themes in subdirectories e.g. ~/.warp/themes/subdirectory/theme.yaml

2022.03.16 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Multi-block selections and corresponding actions - 146
  • Case-sensitive search
Bug fixes
  • SSH no longer returns 0~ and 1~ after executing commands for Zsh 5.0.8 or older - 578
  • SSH now supports LocalCommand / RemoteCommand - 578
  • SSH over Zsh no longer depends on configuring locales on the remote machine - 578
  • SSH sources /etc/bash.bashrc which is an extra rcfile in Debian and other Linux distributions - 578
  • Improved completions stability when there are multiple panes on the same remote machine
  • Vim and other alt-screen apps properly expand to take up the full window - 552
  • Clicking into Warp from other foreground window focuses the clicked pane - 739
  • Warp now respects ignore-space history options for Zsh and Bash - 044
  • Warp now creates a ~/.warp folder to persist custom keybindings - 801

2022.03.09 (v0.2022.

Bug fixes
  • Added missing actions to Command Palette
  • Option is meta is now in the settings menu
  • Fix for SSH hanging when Zsh is the remote login shell
  • Fix for SSH with Zsh that would break with certain rcfiles because of incorrectly set ZDOTDIR

2022.03.02 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Can now edit the keybindings for arrow navigation (Up/Down/Left/Right)
  • Can now edit the keybindings for activating specific tabs (by number CMD-1, CMD-2, …)
Bug fixes
  • Crash in theme chooser
  • Fix for tab completion sometimes deleting characters

2022.02.23 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Zsh support over SSH
  • Partially complete autosuggestion (by word) using CTRL-RIGHT and ALT-RIGHT - 488
  • Added a Copy URL menu item after right-clicking a URL - 154
  • Indicator for conflicting keybindings in keyboard customization UI
Bug fixes
  • Able to fill-in longest common prefix after filtering tab completions - 618
  • Block completion causes Input Editor to steal focus from find bar - 452
  • UP-arrow in history menu sometimes scrolls more than one item
  • CMD-F opens a no-op find bar in alt screen

2022.02.16 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Customizable key bindings (accessible via the settings menu) - 579
  • Users can opt in to use their shell’s prompt rather than Warp’s default (select the Honor PS1 toggle under the settings menu) - 580
  • Added a timestamp showing Block runtime duration; hover to see start and end date + time - 178
  • CTRL-F now accepts autosuggestions - 403
  • CTRL-E and CMD-RIGHT accept autosuggestions when at the end of the buffer - 403
  • Allow input height to expand to half the pane height - 621
Bug fixes
  • Arrow key presses now (up and down now) cycle themes in the theme picker - 294
  • ESC keypress now exits the theme picker
  • CMD-Down when on most recent block to focus input now clears Block selection
  • Fixed a bug where resizing a pane while a command was running made it impossible to scroll to the bottom of the pane
  • Fixed a bug where resizing a pane could cause Warp to show a blank screen
  • Parentheses, quotes, and brackets now also auto-close after typing an alphanumeric character
  • Remapped multi-cursor key bindings to CTRL-SHIFT-UP and CTRL-SHIFT-DOWN - 374
  • Restored OPT-CMD-UP and OPT-CMD-DOWN for switching panes up and down - 730

2022.01.26 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Multi-cursor keybindings for adding cursors above and below current selections with OPT-CMD-UP/DOWN - 374
Bug fixes
  • Double clicking the top of the window maximizes the app - 097
  • Icon, cursor and selection contrast fixes
  • Scrolling performance improvements with bg image themes
  • Changelog visual glitch
  • Resize bug - losing scroll position when viewing blocks with long output

2022.01.26 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Auto-close symbols (parentheses, quotes, and brackets) like VSCode
Bug fixes
  • Block sharing link no longer cuts off - 660
  • Right clicking a Block now focuses that Block
  • Mouse dragging in vim
  • Restoring history bug on session restore
  • Automatically focus the last active window on session restore

2022.01.19 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Restore block contents
  • The longest common prefix in the completions menu auto-fills the Input Editor - 479
  • Add description for paths in completion results - 103
  • Can right click the prompt and copy: git branch, prompt, cwd - 346
Bug fixes
  • Fixed bug where venv was inserted into input editor - 599
  • Improved url detection

2022.01.12 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Added a Changelog page to our documentation
Bug fixes
  • Double clicking text in a url now highlights the word instead of the whole url - 508
  • Double clicking a string with underscores now selects the whole string and not just the subword
  • Selection updates correctly when a block hit its max line length
  • Can now also close the Command Palette using CMD-P - 184
  • Moved check for update button to settings dialog - 070
  • Fixes tabs not opening in new windows when autoupdate is pending
  • Fix regression with input box not being focused on app relaunch

2022.01.05 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Native undo and redo in the text editor using CMD-Z - 113
  • Added CMD-M to minimize the Window - 107
  • Added our open source licenses to the Warp Documentation
  • Split pane focus indicator - a triangle in the top left corner of the pane in focus
Bug fixes
  • CTRL-SPACE is now properly passed to Emacs and other terminal apps - 499
  • Copy on select setting persists across sessions and does not reset after updates

2021.12.29 (v0.2021.

New features
  • Find in block (+ other find improvements)

2021.12.22 (v0.2021.

New features
  • Windows, tabs, and panes are restored whenever you reopen Warp. Restoring block content is on its way!
  • Warp now supports completions for over 300 commands and more information about existing commands by using Fig’s completion specs
  • Git aliases are now included in completions menu - 210
  • Switch to next pane and previous pane with CMD-[ and CMD-] - 392
  • Scrolling the Block list with PG-UP and PG-DOWN - 370
  • Copy and paste the file directory into Warp from Finder - 514
  • When the last Block is selected, can re-focus the input editor using CMD-DOWN key
  • Arrow down scrolls to bottom of last block
Bug fixes
  • Copying selected text to clipboard creates a new entry for each selected character - 504
  • Needed an extra backspace to escape CTRL-R / history menu - 427
  • VIM performance improvements - we’ve made progress but would love more sample cases of slowness
Updates to Mac Menu Bar (Window)
  • Zoom
  • Minimize
  • Tile Window to Left of Screen (Default)
  • Tile Window to Right of Screen (Default)
  • Move to X screen (Default)
  • Enter Full Screen (Default)
  • Bring All to Front

2021.12.15 (v0.2021.

New features
  • Fuzzy search in CTRL-R and Command Palette
  • When you share a link to a block, up to 5 recipients may now download Warp’s beta via the link
Bug fixes
  • Fix bug where opening file:// urls would not include query params like '?foo=bar' - 426
  • More prominent highlights in CTRL-R, Command Palette, tab completion
  • Vim bug fixes and performance improvements - please let us know what else you see

2021.12.08 (v0.2021.

New features
  • Added a send invite button in account section of the settings dialog.
  • You can now request more invites in the invite modal.
Bug fixes
  • Copy on select persistence bug
  • UI Bug when trying to un-share a block - 439

2021.12.01 (v0.2021.

New features
  • Added 15 extra invites for everyone!
  • Copy on select (highlighting text will automatically copy to clipboard). This can be turned off in the settings dialog - 077
  • CTRL-L shortcut to clear the screen - 049
Bug fixes
  • Can now highlight and copy sections of a URL without it automatically opening - 138

2021.11.24 (v0.2021.

New features
  • Background images + gradients in themes: You can now set a background image or gradient as your theme background. Warp ships with a few of these already or you can create your own via a yaml file. - 032
  • Changelog dialog
  • Emoji rendering: 😂, 😃, 🌍, 🍞, 🚗, 📞, 🎉, ❤️ - 075
  • Improved settings dialog
  • Theme search - 237
Bug fixes
  • Properly escapes whitespace when you drag and drop files.

2021.11.17 (v0.2021.

New features
  • Drag and drop files & directories from finder - 069

2021.11.10 (v0.2021.

New features
  • Autosuggestions: Warp now suggests commands as you type, similar to Fish or Gmail - 052
  • Button to copy the app/version - 106
  • Conda context to the prompt - 235
Bug fixes
  • Conda info (prompt) locking input editor
  • CTRL-D now deletes forward one character
  • History now preserved across sessions - 337
  • Enter (numpad) was inputting as CTRL-C - 330

2021.11.03 (v0.2021.

New features
  • CJK (Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) character support - 327
  • Autocompletions for missing tar commands
  • Enforcement of minimum contrasts in grid - 249
Bug fixes
  • Runaway memory usage (from font loading on initial run) - 232
  • Directories with non-english filenames not rendering on screen - 309
  • App crashes from missing current working directory
  • Pure Prompt being inserted as a typehead into editor - 242

2021.10.27 (v0.2021.

New features
  • Ability to unshare blocks in settings modal
  • Link to the documentation in kebab menu (three dots in top right corner)
Bug fixes
  • Double character entry after input editor loses focus

2021.10.20 (v0.2021.

New features
  • Switch theme based on OS appearance - 068
  • Toggles instead of buttons in the setttings!
  • Link to Custom themes documentation in the settings
Bug fixes
  • IME support (non-English keyboards are now better supported in input box!)
  • Show a banner instead of a popup when app startup takes longer than expected
  • git log (and similar commands) no longer treated as a failed block

2021.10.13 (v0.2021.

Bug fixes
  • Shell Bootstrapping should be a lot faster
  • Support 3-char color representation for hex colors in theme
  • Fix crashes relating to reading history files
  • Prevent block completion from stealing focus
  • Fix broken click handling for showing and hiding overflow menu

2021.10.06 (v0.2021.

Bug fixes
  • Split pane navigation when 'Left / Right Option is Meta' settings are enabled
  • Crash when opening a new window

2021.09.29 (v0.2021.

New features
  • Split pane. Create multiple panes in the same tab via shortcuts (CMD-E/SHIFT-CMD-E), the Command Palette, or by right clicking in any pane.
  • Custom themes via files. You can now define your own theme as a yaml file in ~/.warp/themes. For more information on the file format and to see ~100 of the most popular themes already implemented in this format, see The ability to add and share themes directly within Warp is coming soon!
Bug fixes
  • Add better messaging when Warp does not have permission to autoupdate
  • Crash if a tab completion result was accepted after the cursor was moved to the beginning of the editor

2021.09.22 (v0.2021.

New features
  • Theme picker available from the Command Palette
Bug fixes
  • Occasional crash when opening a new Warp window
  • Font selection dropdown didn't respect theme choice
  • Issues with padding and hover detection when toggling Compact Mode on or off

2021.09.15 (v0.2021.

Bug fixes
  • Crash when closing full-screen window
  • Executables in path were not appearing for completions in Bash
  • Completions menu overlaps theme picker

2021.09.09 (v0.2021.

New features
  • New themes for Warp!!! (Access them via Settings on the overflow menu. We have Dracula, Solarized, & Gruvbox)
  • CMD-, opens the Settings menu
Bug fixes
  • Fixed crash when we fail to load a font or when we scroll through fonts
  • Fixed visual artifacts around windows and modals jumping
  • Fixed crash that occurs when you CMD-F while selecting an already selected text

2021.08.31 (v0.2021.

New features
  • Support emacs bindings in input box
  • History up menu performs a prefix search based on input
Bug fixes
  • Warp not rendering after executing long-running command
  • Stop powerlevel10k instant prompt from hanging on bootstrap
  • Changing “font-size” via CTRL-- and CTRL-0 should stay in sync with font size in settings menu
  • Bracketed paste mode bug: 0~ ~1 on every command when ssh-ing
  • Crash when tab completing with multibyte characters
  • Download page doesn’t render correctly on safari
  • Login is broken for some users using Chrome
  • Make it more prominent in onboarding that we are collecting telemetry during the beta

2021.08.25 (v0.2021.

New features
  • Custom fonts
  • Completions for aliases and environment variables
Bug fixes
  • Completions loose ends, including completions for path names with spaces and if commands are separated by &&
  • Function key support within running programs (such as htop)
  • Editor text respects zoom level
  • Regression that caused URLs to not be highlighted
  • Opening a new window required Internet connection

2021.08.18 (v0.2021.

New features
  • Re-run with sudo
Bug fixes
  • Crash caused by pressing CMD-K
  • Completion not working when cursor is mid-line
  • Re-input of multi-line commands
  • 084 - Rendering of colors correctly in diffs
  • Selection showing after closing and re-opening alt-screen

2021.08.09 (v0.2021.

New features
  • New settings modal (accessible from the top right overflow button) to set font size, toggle between light mode and dark mode, compact mode and normal mode
  • CTRL-U and CTRL-K now cut to clipboard
  • Typeahead: characters you type in a long-running command will now show up in the input box when the command completes
Bug fixes
  • Handle arrow keys with modifiers (option and command) in CLIs and full-screen apps (Previously, users were unable to navigate with option and command keys in - Postgres CLI)
  • Straightening the text baseline
  • Translucent colors (e.g. for diff-so-fancy) are now correct (We now support the full range of opacity)
  • Dotfile path completions + Completions improvements for more commands
  • Artifacts when rendering svgs, especially on low res monitors. Overflow menu looks a lot better now!

2021.07.28 (v0.2021.

New features
  • Compact Mode (see GIF below)
  • Support for mouse events in Vim and other programs that can handle mouse input
  • Completions for npm / yarn scripts
Bug fixes
  • Major improvements to the consistency of completions, especially for commands that can take multiple arguments (e.g. rm -rf)
  • Proper path completions for absolute paths
  • Hang when PROMPT_COMMAND is set for the shell
  • Context Menu not closing when clicking outside of the menu
  • Crashes after executing multi-line commands and on older versions of macOS

2021.07.21 (v0.2021.

New features
  • Support for numpad ENTER
  • More npm & yarn completions
Bug fixes
  • Down arrow sends unrecognized escape sequence to Github CLI
  • Can’t use UP arrow if item in history is multiple lines
  • Crash when closing a tab when there are multiple tabs
  • File-only completion signatures should also show directories

2021.07.13 (v0.2021.

New features
  • New invite system to add users to Warp. To invite new users, click the overflow menu at the top right and click 'invite users'. For now we ask that you please don't post these invites on social media!
  • URLs in the terminal screen are auto-linkified
  • Double clicking the title bar maximizes/minimizes the window
Bug fixes
  • Various Command Palette bugs
  • Find box is populated with the user's text selection
  • 3 second latency when changing the prompt upon first SSHing

2021.07.07 (v0.2021.

New features
  • Command Palette for most keyboard shortcuts (CMD-P)
  • Previously, tab completion descriptions were cut off. Now we display them in a floating box
  • You can now switch tabs using CTRL-TAB and CTRL-SHIFT-TAB
Bug fixes
  • Intermittent crashes with Zsh sessions and switching tabs
  • Always fall back to path suggestions for completions
  • Various bugs related to completions

2021.06.29 (v0.2021.

New features
  • Multiple window support
  • New completions UI and in-line documentation for commands and flags
  • Horizontal scrolling of input box to support long commands
Bug fixes
  • Crash when exiting from logout or exit when there’s a background process
  • Crash when bootstrapping from detecting incorrect shell name
  • Various bugs related to completions

2021.06.15 (v0.2021.

New features
  • Mac File and Edit menus, along with Mac standard menu items (although New Window not yet working)
Bug fixes
  • Crash when closing last window
  • CMD-F: when there are no matches, display 0/0
  • CMD-F should not scroll away if navigating to a match on the same row
  • CMD-F: render the yellow rectangle at the layer of rendering the cell
  • Unable to move cursor upwards on multi-line previous command
  • Warp bootstrap commands showing up in history over ssh
  • Accept input via input box before terminal has bootstrapped
  • New tab button should have hover and click state
  • Output stops midway through session on iMac running Mojave 10.14.6
  • Backspace doesn’t work while holding shift
  • Clipping issue in share dialog
  • Input suggestions closes if you click on the scrollbar
  • Hitting up/down while input suggestions are open causes menu to move
  • Paste is not working for full screen apps
  • Underline does not render with Hack font

2021.06.09 (v0.2021.

New features
  • SSH support (Warp now works the same when you SSH as it does locally!)
  • Improved completions: we’ve built out new completions support that are snappier and have more intelligent suggestions for options and arguments for some of the most used commands.
  • Find: Pressing CMD-F now brings up a find view to search for text in the terminal
Bug fixes
  • Text rendering was faded on certain monitors

2022.05.11 (v0.2022.

New features
  • Filepath completions without needing to cd
  • Support for any font (not just monospaced)
Bug fixes
  • Tab completions (cd) with international characters are now properly escaped (edited)
  • Improve rendering performance when many tabs are open (fixes non-responsiveness when searching history)
  • Fixed a race condition with autoupdate a11y announcements and other a11y messaging
  • Fixed a regression that would cut off the output of some long-running Blocks
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