Updating Warp
When there is an update available, you will notice a notification in the top-right corner of Warp.
An update is available for Warp
To check for updates, simply click on the same update menu -> Check for Update…
If nothing happens, it means you already have the latest stable build.
Check for updates in Warp

Autoupdate Issues

Warp cannot autoupdate if it does not have correct permissions to replace the the running version of Warp. If this is the case, a large banner will show prompting you to manually update Warp.
There are 2 main causes of this:
    You opened Warp directly from the mounted volume and instead of dragging it into your Applications directory. If this is the case, the easiest fix is to quit Warp, drag the application into /Applications , and restart Warp.
    You are a non-Admin user. This can happen if you use a computer with multiple profiles. If you have admin access on the computer, opening the app with the admin user should fix the autoupdate issues.
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