Warp Documentation


Everything you need to do after downloading Warp.

1) Logging into Warp

Issues with login? Check out our troubleshooting page.
During our closed beta, we require a login, so we can interact with you, get your feedback, and focus on improving the app. After installing Warp for the first time, you will be prompted to log in with GitHub, Google, or via an email link.
If you log in with Google or GitHub, we only get access to the associated email address. If you want to learn more, read our approach to privacy.
Opening the app is the only time you need an active Internet connection. Otherwise, Warp is a fully-native, local app and runs fine with no internet connection whatsoever (although you will lose access to some of our cooler features).

2) Onboarding survey

Why do we ask these? Understanding how you use the terminal helps us improve the product and prioritize the right features.
For example, we might find that backend engineers spend more time with multiple terminal tabs open, or engineers at large companies spend more time using CLIs.
As part of our beta, we ask a few questions within the app after you sign up.
The survey is completely optional—you can skip all questions if you’d like.