Tab Completions
Warp comes with built-in tab completions for some of the most common commands, which work regardless of the machine or directory you’re in (including when you’ve SSHed). As with standard shell autocomplete, you activate completions by pressing TAB.
    Navigate to a local git directory
    Type git checkout and press TAB
    A menu will show all of your local branches. You can select one using your mouse or the up/down / arrow keys. A submenu shows the command's description.
Tab completions in Warp
NB: to search for options, you first need to type - (dash).
Warp’s tab completions go beyond simply auto suggesting local file paths. We parse your input (without saving any state on our servers) to intelligently suggest arguments and options for commonly used commands.
Discover what we can autocomplete by pressing TAB, or looking at the supported completions section below.

Supported completions

bigtable bundle cargo cat cd cdk cheat_sheet ch clear cloud_shell code command components config cp curl datastore dbt deployment_manager dig docker domains dotslash endpoints exa feedback firestore gcloud git github grep grex head help http_server info init jest knex less logging ls mkdir monitoring mv nano npm nuxt open organizations projects ps pushd pwd recommender resource_manager rm services source subl sudo survey tail tar test time top topic touch unzip vercel version vi whois wrk xcode_select zip
Command missing autocomplete? File a feature request.
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