The Input / Text Editor
Unlike other terminals, Warp’s input editor operates out-of-the-box like a modern IDE and the text editors we’re used to, even for SSH sessions.
Warp supports modern keyboard and mouse bindings like multiple cursors and clicking and dragging text. Warp is also backwards-compatible to the normal terminal bindings (emacs), e.g. we support CTRL+a and CTRL+e to move to the start and end of a line respectively. To see all the editor shortcuts head to Keyboard Shortcuts or click CMD-p to open the Command Palette.
  • To type in a multi-line command use SHIFT+ENTER or OPT+ENTER to insert newlines.
  • For multi-cursor selection click into a word on the first line and while holding the CMD key down, and click into anywhere else in the text.
  • You can also select a string and click CMD-d to select the next occurrence of the string
Input Editor
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