History—Viewing Past Commands and Search
As expected, hitting the up-arrow brings up your history of commands across windows and tabs, scoped by machine, username, and shell. Pressing ctrl-r brings up a search for all of your command history. Use your up and down arrow keys, or your mouse scroll, to navigate through them.
What’s new? Warp’s history menu - it allows you to see a range of your most recent commands, unlike most other terminals, where you can only see them one at a time.
In search mode (ctrl-r), as you type in a command, the history menu automatically updates, while highlighting the matched portion of the results in blue.
The history menu in Warp
Chris (Warp beta user): “Having the history be a separate scrollview from the input is not something I knew I wanted until now. Much easier to go up to read or copy / paste things while composing the next command.”
Last modified 4mo ago
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